3 Tracks for the weekend – 6 Nov 2021

The weekend is finally here, and what’s better to celebrate it than suggesting you three amazing Techno tunes?

The first one is “UNR/ATED” and comes from the Netherlands, produced by Alt_Man and Vision 20/20.
A seismic joining of scene leaders Rafael Osmo and Marco V, ‘Unrated’ is tech-trance-house manning up for judgment day, spearheaded by a synth propeller best described as the flapping of wings belonging to a giant treble-heavy insect. On two monstrous breakdowns the duo bring their symphony-conducting creation to tower above civilisation like the ultimate end of level boss, all the while watching beats run for their lives through gritted teeth down a dark path. In the heat of the moment, this is the ultimate arena intimidator.

Next one is by Eleven Of July, and it’s titled “Dream Within a Dream”.
It part of “Fearless”, the new ep released by the Italian producer, less hard than the previous tune, but energetic and with a refined sound, with the artist showing all of his producing skills to propose a truly great Techno tune…

The last track comes from Italy too, this time by Dj Lux, who gets to us with a big load of energetic arpeggios, carried on by a strong and pounding groove. Another one not to miss!