3 tracks from hard to deep

Today we’re presenting three tunes with various shades of deepness,

FAVE takes us on a journey beetween deep synths and melodic soundscapes with his first release “Pilgrims”. An emotional voyage made of warm basses, hypnotizing synth melodies and rock-solid kicks. Enjoy this sample from the ep, “Lethal”.

Innatural Records is celebrating the seventh year of activity with its annual Various Artists, with new entries and veterans. We chose this track by Joseph DL as representative sound of the compilation, a delicious bouquet of Melodic Techno sounds that will accompany you for the weeks ahead.

In “Moments” the Berlin-based house music composer startech42 builds memorable synth melodies on a minimalistic but yet effective drum groove. All the carefully chosen elements are glued together by a warm and rather subtle bassline, which most of the time complements the track’s flow, just to allow itself to break out every now and then.