After a long break, Tracer Records is back with a new release by Ronald van Norden

It’s 2020 and Tracer Records is back! The label has not been continued since the end of 2014. The label has a great history with 153 digital releases and two vinyl releases. Very talented artists published their debut release on Tracer and many of them are now established artists in the Techno scene. We are very proud of them!

After almost 7 years of not making music label boss Ronald van Norden returns and makes his comeback on his own imprint. Special thanks to JSPR who made this comeback relaunch release even more memorable by creating an amazing Remix of the Original track. He released on labels like Minus, Second State, SCI+TEC, Alleanza, Get Physical and Elevate. We are very proud to have him onboard.

We are ready to continue where we left off and we are really looking forward to it.

We hope you enjoy!