“Hold The Sun”, deep electro beats from Sweden

Hold The Sun is a talented electronic music act based in Sweden. New to the scene and making quite an impact, while the artist wants to stay as anonymous as possible, her otherworldly electro and colorful appearance on stage are creating a stir that’s got people talking.

For her debut LP, Hold The Sun has put together a mixture of deep electro beats, thick analogue basslines and a rich retro feel to the production and synthwork. Wrapped in the hypnotizing format of melodic minimalism over a variety of tempos and vibes. This stylistic edge is combined with a flair for deep storytelling in some tracks, John Carpenter-esque melancholic synth work and even a meditative ambience on occasion. It is this breadth of sound which truly showcases her talent.

An LP that feels like a ceremony of hypnotic sounds and retro-tropical electro beats. Begin the spiritual journey – Join the dance!