LFOst by the Berlin based producer Calcou

We’re always up for some interesting electronic tunes, and this debut from the Berlin based producer Calcou caught our attention with some emotive melodic sounds and a swinged groove.
There’s a lot of evolution in the track, and all the element fit well with each other, breaks and pauses are well balanced and everything sounds just fine.
We’re looking for more from this guy!

Calcou is a Berlin based producer, composer and multi-instrumentalist. Raised and educated with Jazz and Funk music, he has been playing Piano since his early childhood and still explores his sonic roots within his contemporary Jazz band „White Noise Trio“

While acoustic music trained him as a classical composer and arranger, turning to electronic music first let him discover the production side of music. Filter, Oscillators and Noise immediately grabbed his attention and made him challenge his very own approach to writing music. Now led by sound and vibe rather then theory and harmony, he began producing his first electronic tracks. Ambiences, moods and shapes started to determine his music, embracing an organic, handmade touch. Calcou is where Jazz meets Chill and Deep House blends into Electronica.