SA-DOC & ISHQ – Sunrise Dimension

As the first sun rises, darkness vanishes and we finally see the light. ‘Sunrise Dimension’ floating on those first rays of light breaking night and propelling you to a land were you belong. Free, connected and full of the unversal light, connecting all species.

Step into your dimension with this this beautiful EP brought to you by SA-DOC, ATAMAN LIVE and ISQH.

The original mix is a beautiful fast paced Melodic House & Techno track featuring talented Maroccan vocalist ISQH and comes from SA-DOC who expresses Sunrise Dimension throught this wonderful thriving soundscape.

The remix comes from now other than talented DJ/Producer couple Ataman Live who did a Deep Tech version of the melodic track, maintaining the basis melody in a very subtle way and stripping the track down to a deep driven kick based deep tech track with intelligent sound fx.