The Berlin based record label Triamb presents Saumeth’s “Thema” Reworks

The Berlin based record label Triamb presents “Thema” Reworks, with some brand new remixes for the most representative tracks from Saumeth‘s second album “Thema”.
“Thema” will be released in middle April, but it already made some waves getting the attention of Faze Mag and many other electronic music media, and what better way to celebrate this long awaited album than a vinyl release with some amazing remixes by Steve Parker, Marco Bruno and Mental Resonance?
Steve Parker remixed “Port”, infusing some Acid vibes in the track, creating a groovy mind-washer. “Clinn” was Marco Bruno‘s business, the Italian producer pushed on the bpm, providing a fast and energetic Techno banger. To complete the ep we’ll find Mental Resonance, who crafted two reinterpretations of “Awaking” giving his dark and percussive imprint to Saumeth’s track.
Out on vinyl on May 17th, and on digital on June 17th 2019.