Travelling the universe with Nuta Cookier and Gofa

Musicians always had a particular interest for space exploration, and recently i’m getting a lot of tracks dedicated to the Universe. Here’s two i liked a lot.

First one is by Nuta Cookier, that after exploring the Serpens constellation with his last release “Unukalhai Star”, continues his galactic journey at superluminal speed toward the Southern Cross, to bring you to the “Graucrux Star”.
In this pack you will find two original productions, the title-track “Graucrux Star” and “Shaula Star”, both providing a pure energetic and inspiring stream of Melodic Techno sounds with acid flashes. It will give you the right energy to make you dance all night long.


Next is “Take Me” by Gofa, emotive arps provide the perfect backdrop for an overt vocal narrative. Impassioned and soulful, each phrase hits with a unique feel, while organic drums and shimmering pads add the perfect complement, particularly during a heartfelt break.