59 Perlen & Atlas Castle present a new single called “V”

The Swiss artists 59 Perlen & Atlas Castle present a new single called “V”, out now on Titanomachy Records.

“V” is a deep and melancholic tune, with a slow and silky beat, driven by a catchy and warm piano melody and glicthy percussions. Very simple, but yet very effective, going straight to the point and placing itself between Deep House and Minimal with ambient influences.
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About Atlas Castle
Atlas Castle is the solo project of a french native musician, composer and electronic music producer. Today based in Copenhagen, Denmark.

Long sleepless nights and a certain vision of aesthetics brought this project to life with the idea to create a musical base throughout which Atlas Castle could play whatever he would feel like, without any boundaries. Mixing energy, melodies and samples to forge his own recognisable style. Through his music, Atlas is sharing different feelings with only one philosophy: making music that is all together artistically, technically, and emotionally engaged in hopes of establishing connections with all interested people.

In early 2019, Atlas Castle officialises his debut with a couple of singles and collaborations very well received, encouraging him to push his music and social connections to an international level.

It’s in 2020 during the Covid pandemic that Atlas decided to make a statement with his very first conceptual EP: “Titanomachy”. EP released on May 15th, through “Electronic Music Curiosity” Label. This EP is seen as a real “tour de force” in the underground electronic scene. Redistribute Mag quote it as “…another fine release and an interesting change in direction for the up-and-coming artist which shows him finding a unique sound to call his own”. MishkaDj reviewed it as “…Beautiful melodies, expressive dynamics, neatly built track by track plot and an impressive epic ending…”.

Later on, Atlas got seduced by the Dawless community and decided to embrace this path with his very first electronic device: the Digitakt. This is the start of a very new electronic adventure. This approach is really different from the production of regular tracks in the Daw. Atlas Castle brings you here on a new musical journey, mixing cinematic, raw, minimalistic and house music. Primarily coming back to basics, trusting his instinct through direct live performances.