Andrew Bayer feat. Alison May – ‘End Of All Things’

Following on from the Elton John-endorsed lead single ‘Immortal Lover’ and follow-up ‘Your Eyes’ (feat. Ane Brun), which saw the producer break out of his shell to deliver a more eclectic sound, Andrew Bayer now continues the support of his forthcoming album ‘In My Last Life’ with the unveiling of his latest single ‘End Of All Things’, set to impact on the 14th August. With a ten-minute running time, ‘End Of All Things’ is an expansive and atmospheric release that indulges his love for ethereal soundscapes, and delivers one of the more ambitious cuts on his new release.

Taking his cues from the likes of M83 and Porter Robinson, this new single focuses more on the broader and bolder side of electronica, suiting the producer’s more progressive direction. This time teaming up with vocalist and songwriter Alison May, another of this record’s regular collaborators who was also featured on his last LP ‘If It Were You, We’d Never Leave’, he has created a sound that swells into a wonderfully warm expression of electronic grandeur, before the second half takes on an almost Sigur Ros-like sound, building into a euphoric crescendo that manages to fully capture the wonder of his musical direction. “As we all know, there’s endless uncertainty around what happens when we pass away,” explains Alison on the song’s meaning.

“End Of All Things is about that uncertainty. The question is raised from the point of view of someone who is burying an important individual (lover, brother, friend). At first, this experience may feel like the end of all things –burying that person, or dying yourself. But, it’s really just another stop for “always”. Ultimately, this reaches the conclusion that there is life before and after the blip that is one’s time on earth, and takes solace in being part of a “great plan”. I think there is comfort in knowing that our individual lives are part of a network and we get to participate in something much bigger than ourselves.” Featuring on no less than five singles from his new album, May’s voice has this magical and otherworldly quality that suits the producer’s broad and grand style down to a tee. ‘End Of All Things’ is set to arrive on the 14th August, while his highly anticipated new album ‘In My Last Life’ will be available from the 24th August via Anjunabeats.