Bakean & Charles Klein deliver a fresh Organic ep titled “Oshun”

Bakean & Charles Klein deliver their brand new “Oshun Ep” on Kosa Records.
“Oshun Ep” consists of three original tunes with a spicy sound embracing Afro House and Melodic House, plus five remixes by MI.LA, Jack Essek, Jaykill, Dolbytall and Awaken, for a total of eight chilled and tasty tracks.

In “Oshun” Bakean & Charles Klein used a mystical voice as a base to built a track with dark and deep beats. They played Some live acoustic guitar to balanced the darkness and warm it up. It’s an invitation to explore unknown places.

“Sakura” originated from a famous Japanese traditional theme, the artists wanted to get a more percussive and deep sound to contrast with the soft melody. Then they recorded their own vocals and percussions to add to some kind of live feeling.

“St Cyr” is a deep and meditative track with a melodic and almost progressive feeling.
Bakean & Charles Klein used some religious choir to get that spiritual dark feeling to contrast with the melody that brings out some lights and hope.