Bakean gets on on Lemurian’s label Cosmic Awakenings with “Kashgar”

Bakean is back with a new EP and his first release on Lemurian’s label, Cosmic Awakenings.

1-Bakean-Kashgar feat. Aishan

I met Aishan back in 2005 in Shanghai, we instantly had a great connection and soon after formed the psychedelic Uighur Rock Band: Weghur
We toured for years together in China and HK and won Shanghai GBOB.
One night in my Shanghai Studio in 2009, he recorded a melody from Xinjiang with his saz and sung some improvisation in Uighur. I made a first version at that time, but wasnt really satisfy with the way it sounds but i have been meaning to release it for years so last year I finally made a new version that worked for me.

2-Bakean – Devoiko feat. Elitsa Arsova (Original Mix)

Last september Elitsa and I were sitting together at Adassiya birthday dinner in Paris. She joked that she woulg give anything to anyone who could make her sing. I accepted the challenge and asked her to sing for me in my studio a classic melody from her native Bulgaria. I layed down some guitar chords and the track was born.

3- Bakean – Le rêve

Paris 2008 – I just met my friend from Venezuela and asked her to speak some words in French, worked pretty well, so I made a track around. Le Reve means the dream in French. Something between reality and imagination.