Bear Beat Technique presents “The Funky Jazzy Brighter Dream EP”

“The Funky Jazzy Brighter Dream EP” is an EP that contains 4 original tracks, the Funky and Jazz sound characterizes all 4 tracks with the intent of evoking the typical atmospheres of the best Funky House tradition, bringing it up to date.

“Brighter Dreams” begins with a futuristic sound and a funky voice and then gives way to a typically funky bass line. Then you enter a typical jazzy arrangement that blends with a funky groove and an house beat. A mixture of styles that mix with breaks and starts and that can give a great emotional impact suitable for dance floor.

In “Savage”, the bass line and the rhythm start immediately carrying the listener with a powerful and refined groove. Electronic sounds and jazz arrangements blend together to create a very special and deep groove. In the middle of the piece the arrangement of a jazz organ stands out and proceeds developing a hypnotic and classy melody.

“Sunshine” has a powerful bass line and typical rhythm of the funky house beat give way to a melodic song full of good and happy vibrations in an interlayer of funky and soulful atmospheres. The jazz arrangement with the piano characterizes a very sweet moment during a break at the end of the piece. A wonderful piece for both listening and on the dance floor.

Last but not least, “Fuirsu”, the darkest piece of the whole EP. The electronic sampling that covers the whole piece seems to have come from an old violin played roughly. The accords of an hypnotic jazz organ transport the listener to a deep and at the same time very sweet arrangement. A warm male voice punctuates the rhythm until the end of the piece when a string of strings transforms the dark atmosphere into a melancholic and sweet atmosphere