Berlin based Blindsmyth gets on DIYNAMIC with “Frozen”

Blindsmyth is a musical globetrotter from Berlin. His live sets are a voyage of discovery between deep electronic grooves and experimental pop music.

Growing up as son of modern classical composer Lorenz Schmidt and playing in several bands as guitarist and singer, he has always been between the world of Avantgarde music and Pop in a wider sense. While completing his bachelor degree of composition- music- and studio production in Groningen, The Netherlands, Simon started to widen his musical horizon in the directions of electronic music, jazz and world music. From this point on he started to combine his instrumental background with electronic music production techniques.

His 10 track debut album ‘Blind’ takes the listener through deep electronic soundscapes with delicate organic beats, and expressive vocals. The conceptual framework of the album consists of countless field recordings that he made during his study, in Berlin and on various journeys. These recordings can literally be heard in his percussions and other samples but also in the songwriting. Secret Walls for example uses the cold walls of a WWII bunker as a metaphor for closing our deepest feelings in secrecy coming with the question if we can break these walls to set us free. These kind of song structures are intimately woven into an electronic music backbeat that draws influences from slow techno, deep house and Uk Garage.

Blindsmyth’s live performances mark a return to his initial artistic impulse: The creation of unexpected and unique experiences. His setup of self-built electronic instruments combined with his voice and several acoustic instruments allows him to freely switch between a highly recognizable interpretation of his original material and free improvisation.

Next to Blindsmyth Simon is active in the Arab/Rock Fusion Band “Matar“, electroacoustic ensemble “Pulsar Collective“, Visual Art Performance Duo “Farbenrausch“ and Deep House Liveact “Lemmon“ and engages in several cultural and communities such as “Baynatna“, “We Belong to music“ and “Musical Instrument Makers Berlin“.

After a couple of remixes and cooperations in 2018, Blindsmyth releases “Frozen” EP in summer 2019 and is working on his next full length studio album.