Bristol-based producer [sic] presents “O is for Orgasm / Clouds”

O is for Orgasm / Clouds sees the first in a long line of releases on [sic]’s own Mu-sic imprint. It’s been over five years since the Bristol-based producer [sic] (aka Dan Jeffries) has released anything on his label, but not without a good reason. During that time he wrote and published his memoirs about living with two rare medical conditions and now that mammoth project is complete, he can return to his first true love: music.

It is perhaps no wonder that these two tunes sit together. ‘O is for Orgasm’ offers a pumped-up workout with an hypnotic lead line and warm, teasing sub bass. The track is peppered with orgasmic vocal samples, synth hits and noise rushes to really give the tune some energy. Halfway through there’s an almighty switch that pushes the dance floor to experience their own orgasmic moment as the breakdown makes way for our lady in raptures to reach her final climax.

‘Clouds’ could be seen as the morning after the night before. A tough yet gentle baseline kicks things off and the track develops subtly by adding new percussion hits, vocal stabs, warm moving pads and a fantastic arpeggiated melody that will stick in your mind.

Available on Beatport pre-release from Monday 15th October 2018
Available for general release on Monday 29th October 2018