Check out “Obelisk Ep” by the California based Idem Zerum

Idem Zerum is a California based artist we just discovered, he’s producing Techno / Progressive stuffs and seems to have quite a clear idea of what he’s doing:

“I seek to bring you the sound of the underground; booming House, chugging Techno, and deep Progressive. I do all my sound-design, arrangement, mixing, and mastering myself. With the growing popularity of EDM, dance culture has become a commercialized, superstar-celeb echo chamber. I hope to center transparency, original talent, and breathtaking music as the focal point of our scene.”

His last release is titled “Obelisk Ep”, and consists of four cutting-edge techno tracks, influenced by progressive sounds and dark landscapes.
You can have a listen to the ep from the player below, and of course you’ll also find one of the tracks in our DoTheTech Spotify playlist.