Cocktails Vol. 2: the new ep by Oliver Bach

With “Cocktails Vol. 2” OLIVER BACH delivers the second part of his Cocktail EP series.
SEX ON THE BEACH is first and is bring you directly to a beach. Smooth chords with sunset feeling, a groovy bassline and finaly a catchy sax melody .
All filled up with pads and short vocal hits. SEX ON THE BEACH brings instant summer feeling to you.
WHISKY SOUR feels like a visit in a old jazz club. It’s starts with a smooth, nice Rhodes chord melody, the bass drive things and ends with a funky 303 sequence.
All this is round off with a nice old vocal sample. Its warm and filled with good time vibes.

Irresistible groove percussion, powerful drums combinated with a driving bass. That’s the basic for MOJITO. This impulsive track is garnished with a catchy piano and beautiful flute melody .

Last of all is the WHISKY SOUR REMIX from the STARKILLERZ. It’s sleazy and direct and sure to make you sweat. This more reduced, but high percentage mix really pulls you in dancefloor heat.