Cologne’s Kos:mo and Gilles Bock release The Ritual EP on Renesanz Records

The Ritual EP was made in collaboration by Cologne based DJ’s and producers Kos:mo and Gilles Bock and also contains a remix by Los Angeles Techno head starter Rebel Boy (1605 / Senso).

The title track itself pictures the enormous power a spiritual ritual can have with it’s monstrous bass drones and it’s lumbering groove. The atmospheric break of the song vaguely drags you into another dimension, just to release all the energy on the drop – made for peak time moments!

Rebirth enacts the feeling of being newborn, with gracefully moving pads and a rolling bass rhythm. With it’s vigorous synth stabs and an ecclesiastic lead melody the track adds a sacred sense to the EP. Awaken focuses on melody and depth over sheer force, yet does not missed out on utilizing its mesmerizing hook line and its unique FX.

Out on Renesanz Records on October the 22nd, don’t miss it!