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DoTheInterview with KLANGPLANET!

KLANGPLANET is a name who came at our attention because he’s very prolific, releasing regoularly and never missing a single shot.
So we thought to speak with him, trying to better  understand his project.

1. You started making music in the middle 90s, tell us about your background.
Well, back in the 90’s I’ve started working as a product manager for Warner Music Germany simply because music always had a huge impact on me which was one of the reasons why I’ve studied Musicology. At Warner Music I took a deep dive into the music business and in my spare time I wrote music myself.

2. Despite your long career in music your project Klangplanet is quite recent, what lead you to start it?
Back in 2001 I’ve signed a deal with Universal Music and even before I have been contributing songs to projects from other artists. But this felt more like white labeling and I left the music industry to work amongst other things in Business Development. In 2017 (as my kids have grown older) I’ve decided to spend more time on music again, also because being really curious about how the market has changed for DIY artists.

3. Most of your tracks have a chilled retro-taste, what inspires you when you create a new track?
Musically being an old fart I’ve been influenced by Acid Jazz, Soul and Funk and this is always the groovy sauce I like to dip my songs in. I like the crossover touch as I feel it suits me best or to say in other words once I start a track it’s something and in the end it’s groovy.

4. Suggest us a track of yours to listen, and tell us what’s the story behind it.
If I may I’d suggest “Stars” which is my newest single – it’s kind of an in the middle of something – it could be more minimalistic it could be more spheric but for sure it’s a typical KLANGPLANET melange bit of Pop, bit of Indie, bit of House and of course the groovy vibes. If you listen e.g. to “Falling” I’ve been inspired by the Gemini Space Mission and thinking about Astronauts who are spining in their capsule thinking they are “falling”…

5. What would you suggest to our readers who are also producing their own music?
First thing – never give up and believe in yourself. Diversity is king and follow your inspiration and not commercial rules and habits. Work hard on the mixing so mastering won’t be an issue. Be passionate, have fun and never be discouraged.