French producer Enoki presents his personal message to the world with “EBB”

A cinematic house track with an important message, ‘Ebb’ is the new single from Enoki. Integrating retro vibes with contemporary electronic soundscapes, ‘Ebb’ explores the relationship between humans and the planet.

When Enoki began this project, he became entranced by the experimentation of electronic sounds. With this in mind, he set about crafting a track that mirrored his anguish at the destruction of the planet. The title ‘Ebb,’ therefore, is a representation of the music and its message, portraying decay and deterioration of the earth, caused by humans.

The song opens with flourishing arpeggiated synths before a disciplined drum beat storms through, creating the driving force behind the track. Pulsing swells, fragmented deep synth, and distorted vocals build tension, conveying the apocalyptic universe of Enoki’s vision. The interweaving vocals cry out ‘Oh no,’ signifying the panicked voice of someone who sees the destruction from above.

It’s a heartbreaking message of a dystopian world that feels all too familiar. Enoki has used his compelling music to communicate a serious and momentous scenario that must be addressed. Reaching his listeners there is hope behind the real story reflected through ‘Ebb.’