Hijacked Records Detroit presents “Transdimensional” from New York native Marcus McGowan

Hijacked Records Detroit is amped to bring you our next release, “Transdimensional” from New York native Marcus McGowan. We actually thought this dude was from Detroit, and when you hear his music, you will too. This music is on another level and we invite you on this virtuous journey with us.
This ep opens with Marcus’ “Transdimensional Flight”. This track is a tranquil 7-minute expedition that’s almost like Juan Atkins and Dan Curtain are at the helm. This would be a great opening or closing track, or simply if you want to take pause and create some dramatic, funky mood in your set.

Next up is Antwon Faulkner’s “Transdimensional Flight – OV-103 Remix”. Aptly named after a space shuttle, Antwon maintains the otherworldliness vibe of the original but turns up the energy a bit. A nasty beat with even nastier chords launches us into orbit for a mission in funk.
We then have another original from Marcus titled, “Cascading Through Space”. This is reminiscent of a time in techno when complicated drum patterns and brilliant ambiance were celebrated. This takes us back to Stasis, or Black Dog, again with that quirkiness of early Dan Curtain. This track is stunning and something you’ll likely put on repeat for your own enjoyment.

We close out the ep with Marcus’ “Deep Space Exploration”. Again, the quality of production here is incredible. This could easily be a Peace Frog release; intricate, sophisticated, deep and dizzying, propelling you into euphoric bliss. If you aren’t familiar with Marcus McGowan yet, we strongly encourage you to check out his other music. He is also an incredible live musician. We’re really impressed with his work and proud to put this out.