Hollowlove – Everything Falls In Line

Everything Falls In Line is the 7th single from Hollowlove. It is a nine-minute epic (though this is the four-minute radio-friendly version) described as “pumping chill”, with a thumping four-on-the-floor beat emerging from ambient vocals and arpeggios, rising and rising at a steady 128bpm to climax six minutes in, before cooling back to the ambient fantasy from which it began. The lyrics are uncharacteristically optimistic and uplifting, framing life as a video game full of treasures and power-ups to keep you moving past any adversity.

Keith wrote the music in his head while cycling up a very long and steep hill, coming up with the idea of a musical cycle that is ever-ascending, climbing and climbing in such a way that it could go on forever. The chord progression is 96 bars long and cycles through every major and every minor chord, but in an evolving way that does not call attention to the gradual harmonic shifts. The music was performed in a series of live passes through the entire arrangement, constantly tweaking every aspect of the all-analog synthesized sounds. The only exceptions are Ryan’s ethereal vocals, Keith’s solo on a Rhodes electric piano, and some acoustic percussion.

Ryan took the idea of climbing in a different direction, writing lyrics that are uplifting, celebratory of the little things in life that make it worth living. His idea of life as a video game is realized in the cover art and in the music video, featuring Keith’s real-life kids going into a virtual reality fantasy world.