Hollt & Sandeep – Above Distance

With 2018 as a dazzling year for both Hollt and Sandeep, the two friends team up again to combine their love for the melodic and deep. ‘Above Distance’ is the second collaboration between the DJ/producers featuring two tracks that compliment each other, whilst individually aimed at different moments during the night.

The release kicks off with ‘Above’, a euphoric track designed for prime-time moments. The track’s groovy, yet sturdy start is followed by a compelling melody, after which the actual theme becomes apparent when the slightly darker bass line brings a new energy to the fold. Mid-track the energy unleashes full force, surely bringing the listener in a euphoric state of mind.

‘Distance’ is a warmer, more laid back track that builds on an open atmosphere, where strings and solid drums are laying the foundation. The different layers of melody and a dark, yet compelling bassline are building, leading up to a characteristic break that evolves to a atmospheric climax. It’s a track heavily influenced by the long and deep sets both Hollt and Sandeep play in clubs like Toffler and Basis.

Hollt & Sandeep’s ‘Above Distance’ will be released on January 21st, 2019.