Jimi Jules – Midnight Juggernaut EP on Watergate Records

Following the exclusive heavy mix compilation that Jimi Jules knocked out for Watergate Records recently, it’s time to deliver on those exclusives via two EP’s from the man himself and we kick things off with EP number one, ‘Midnight Juggernaut’ where Jules’ studio prowess is on full display with three stellar originals including a remix from the mighty Recondite.

Jimi’s ‘Abandoned Soul’ original starts the EP and is equal parts moody as it is groovy as classic 303 acid fuses with Jules’ post modern drum programming resulting in a smooth, yet energetic ride into the shimmering corners of dance floor euphoria. Recondite steps up and delivers a beautiful rework of ‘Abandoned Soul’ in true Recondite fashion keeping all the original parts in tact while incorporating the lush melodic progressions he is so well known for.

Next up is the title track from the EP ‘Midnight Juggernaut’, where Jules shows his affinity for artfully crafted minimalism as remnants of early Perlon stylings merge with a more modern melodic approach where the seemingly empty spaces are filled lush, sonic textures. Rounding out the EP is ‘Othervision’ as Jules’ puts “four to the floor” to full use as one single lead line carries the tune to an incognito crescendo of emotion emanating in a well thought out and expertly crafted EP with something for everyone and every situation.