KRZM Records presents “Just A Little Rave Vol. 1” with the best of their roster

For its 1 year anniversary, the Belgium based label KRZM Records is proud to present its first compilation!

“Just A Little Rave Vol. 1” brings together the most representative artists of the roster, who delivered solo projects and collaborations on the label over the last year: Chris Ogden, Edu Bastiaensen, John Sense, Klankwerken, Machete (AT) and UVILAK.

Each of them shows us his own personal style, from the Raw approach of “The New Level” by Chris Ogden to the minimalism of “Charisma” by Edu Bastiaensen. From the acid influences in John Sense’s “Cognitive Dissonance” to the melodic and powerful “Into The Glacier” by Klankwerken.

Last but not least, Machete (AT) with the huge synths in his “Zeigeist”, and “The One” by UVILAK, with glitchy sounds and a pounding groove.