Läzro & Travis Gibb present “Take Me Home” ft. Kyra B

Läzro (Lazaro Rodriguez) and Travis Gibb are a Miami based production duo with a destiny waiting to unfold. Super rich family history, and A-list mentors have shaped their music and vision for what’s next.  Laz, the son of a Cuban immigrant musician got his start as a studio tech for Desmond Child, and internships at some of the area’s top studios – including ‘Inner Ear Studios’ owned by world famous Bee Gee’s.   Laz developed a relationship with Maurice and Samantha Gibb, which led to the formation of a new production company, MEG Productions.

While working on a collaborative family project, Lazaro befriended Travis Gibb, son of Barry, bonding over their love for electronic dance music, analog gear, and production. The two quickly found themselves collaborating on projects outside of the Gibb family projects, and producing and writing for various local and national talent.  They both share a rare and storied musical history, setting them up for bigger things …. a duo with music DNA unmatched and a ceiling as high as the sky – this is their first commercial release as a duo, and only a start of things to come.  Global Heist Recordings is the proud home of this duo and their debut with Kyra B on vocals titled ‘Take Me Home” is poised for anthem status.