Let’s talk with Entoniu & Agape

1. Entoniu & Agape, old friends and dj-producers who work to their productions together even if they’re 800km far from each other. How do you manage this gap?
The net! Internet has allowed us to get closer and work as a duo thanks to cloud storage and remote networking.
Agape: Nowadays, where’re hyper-connected with the whole world, then it’s up to us to decide what to do, if use it to joke and send funny videos or memes, or to exchange ideas and choose the tracks for a dj set.

2. Listening to your tracks on the digital stores, you can find different shades of electronic ranging from House to Techno music…
Yes, we don’t like to frame ourself into a single genre, we like to experiment and play with samples from old records.
Agape: We usually are released in the minimal section on Beatport, Traxsource etc. but actually we get bored staying too much in a single genre, and our dj set prove this!

3. At this proposal, when we talk about dj sets, what are your criteria to search for music to play in the club?
Entoniu: i’m the old-man of the duo, so i like to search into my old school archives, which i’m jelously guarding.
Agape: mmm, let’s say i don’t have a particular criteria, there are a lot of good labels releasing cool music, but also a lot of underground labels with a very particular sound, but overall, my criteria remains the same: i listen with attention.

4. You work with digital mainly, don’t you like vynil?
Entoniu: Why not, we’re also trying to release on vynil, it always has that fashion and that special sound which digital can’t replicate…
Agape: ..but sometimes it’s limiting for our dj sets. I personally own a big archive of vynils, going from 2001 and 2007, but we felt the necessity to go further, many of the tracks we play are our own edits.

5. How do you manage your djset workflow?
Entoniu: We used to do everything with Traktor and Ableton on our own notebooks
Agape: but now we prefer to work with Rekordbox, so we can have a unique lenguage, the one of Pioneer’s CDJ

6. Do you have projects for an album or you will continue to produce ep and remix?
Ep, remixes, edits… for sure, but working to an album is quite challenging.
Agape: Probably, but not at the moment, yes we’d like it much, but producing an album takes a lot of time

7. Let’s end asking you something about 2019…
Entoniu: We’re focusing on dj sets more than the last years..
Agape: … without forgetting our projects, the tracks we still need to finish, and a lot of good records to edit!