Making great music with little money? MUD AUDIO VOODOO did it!

“Mud mutant dancing on voodoo melody… was born ( April 2 ,2015 ) but there is something here, in the middle of the street… tribal rhythms melted with chips that smell of beer and women.
MUD internet AUDIO royality free transformed with a VOODOO ritual”

MUD AUDIO VOODOO is a project born from the economic crisis in 2015. How can you make music with little money?
Creating this project the artist had in mind Bowie’s song “I’m a Dj” (I’m a DJ and I’m what I play), so using various free and low price softwares he started mixing, mutating loops and samples to create some amazing melodies.

Influenced by his lands (Bay of Angels, Aleph, Thriller, Mecca, Slego, Zanzibar …..) he composed the first blends that were published by The Orchard Eterprises NY Inc. This gave him the impulse that brought to the single “Away from This”, up to the 12th position in the European Indie Chart, and in the ranking for 80 weeks.

“Need You” is Mud Audio Voodoo’s latest output, a funky and positive tune, with a classic but yet forward-looking sound.