Mayten – Somebody Walked This Path Before

Mayten is Latvian artist, producer and DJ based in Seattle, making unique listenable electronic music, inspired by both downtempo and dance music, trying to find the balance between experimental and driving, emotional yet breezy.

He just released a new 4-song EP on Straight Up! Music, titled “Somebody Walked This Path Before”. The EP starts with “Unraveled” a more laid back and ambient influenced track, followed by “Transformative”, more experimental and dynamic, and then by “Deprive Us” and “What Matters” two more house/techno inspired songs.

Mayten says “It’s my attempt at capturing the emotional turmoil of 2017, during which I became a father, and also lost my own father to suicide…” so we can understand a little of the emotions flowing in this passionate work, and enjoy these sweet melodies even more.