“Mist” by Never Really There: An Energetic Progressive Experience

Prepare to embark on a sonic journey of captivating emotions with “Mist,” the latest release from US artist Never Really There. With a unique musical vision, Never Really There masterfully captures the ebb and flow of human sentiments through his music. This track seamlessly blends genres, transitioning from melodic techno to organic house, while also incorporating cinematic elements that conjure images of Nordic noir thrillers.

“Mist” is a chilled yet energetically charged composition that envelops listeners in a hypnotic atmosphere. Deep synths create a pulsating foundation, while subtle vocals add an ethereal touch. The result is a musical experience that transports you to a world where emotions intertwine with melodies, leaving you entranced by its ever-evolving nature. Get ready to lose yourself in the mist of Never Really There’s musical genius.