NoPlace – Error 404

Munich-based electro collective NoPlace releases its latest single „Error 404“, a hypnotic trance techno number that invites you to lose yourself in the dark sounds and pulsating rhythm.

„Error 404“ is a powerful combination of deep bass, repetitive synth lines and hypnotic beats that takes the listener on a musical journey.

The track is further proof that NoPlace are not only experts at fusing genres, but also creating unique soundscapes that penetrate deep into the soul.
The members of the collective say that in producing „Error 404,“ they were inspired by the idea that music can also be an error.

„Sometimes it feels like music cancels out life’s mistakes and offers us a break from reality,“ says one of the producers. „And that’s what we wanted to do with ‚Error 404.‘ We wanted to create a space where you can lose yourself and accept the error.“

„Error 404“ is NoPlace’s first single this year, and fans are excited. The band has made a splash in the past with successful tracks like „The „Firmament and „Rain Comes Down“ and will surely be able to build on those successes with „Error 404.“