Ryan Brokenshire presents “Vilcabamba”

“Vilcabamba” is the new EP from Detroit-based artist Ryan Brokenshire.
It evokes the mystery and diversity of the Ecuadorian town of the same name – a famed destination located in a scenic mountain valley known for the longevity of its residents, lush vegetation and a year-round Spring-like climate. Gorgeous keyboard melodies and dynamic disco rhythms are intertwined on this eclectic mix of all-original, sample-free tracks due out on May 4.

Drummers John Joseph and Mike Dreg were essentially studio musicians lending beats to Ryan who assembled the finished product.
Ryan adds: “John came over to my studio for quite a few sessions where he would improv beats over the melodies and bass lines I had written. Even though I ultimately had my way with his rhythms, I left some of John’s takes, more or less, intact and they ended up dictating the flow of the tracks. He definitely deserves his songwriting credit as he was able to bang out compelling structures on the spot.”

This is the first EP from Galapagos Records to incorporate acoustic drums. Mike Dreg, a seasoned percussionist, played congas on the record which add an organic quality to the tracks.

“Mike Dreg has an amazing collection of percussion instruments that will most certainly find their way into future Galapagos releases,” says Ryan.