Ryan Crane presents a 10 track Album titled “Vibes”

Artist and Music Producer Ryan Crane Artist and Music Producer Ryan Crane just released a 10-track album titled “Vibes”. A collection of music spanning genres from Future Bass, Chill-out, to Hip-Hop infused Electronica, a bit different than his usual sound.

The producer’s main inspiration behind creating this album stems from past experiences such as relationships, conversations and various Art forms.

“He drinks in the intricate details of life and translates these messages into music and art. A true artist at the core, he is constantly looking for moments of inspiration to create these pieces. He possesses an intense disposition to test new and original ideas, which ultimately emerges in his work.”

The results is a work heavily influenced by underground vibe and unexpected structures, like the first track on the album, “Boost” which echoes of a Progressive House style tune while catching you off guard with heavy drum spurts. Some other top tracks from the album that music lovers can look forward to hearing are “Days Like Today,” Ill Love” and “Talk”.

It’s surely an album you can’t miss, because it’s getting harder and harder to find an album sounding different and creative, but also familiar since the first listening. Don’t miss it!

Listen here