Simbiose & Kalter Ende – Cold Fusion Ep

Today we’ll talk about a new pumping techno ep by Simbiose & Kalter Ende, titled “Cold Fusion Ep”.
The producers cooked this amazing tooler for Dynamic Reflection, mixing strong grooves and harsh percussions with acid sounds. We suggest you to listen in particular “Stimulated Responses” and “Halimede”, our choice from the bouce.
A must-have for every techno lover!

Press info:

Two rapidly rising acts from southern Europe – a duo from Portugal and a solo artist from Spain respectively – make their mark on the split EP that is The Nursery’s ‘Cold Fusion EP’. It’s only Simbiose’s (PT) second release ever, although that is hard to tell, on the first two cuts, and Spanish Kalter Ende on the latter two. These two acts sharing an EP together makes complete sense when listening to their work. Their mutual love for filthy and grimy sounds is extensively potrayed on all four tracks and melodies are nowhere to be found – but who needs those when you are as skilled at putting gloomy elements together as these guys are? The result is this full throttle four track EP that is bound to go places, as it seems unlikely that whichever crowd, no matter where, will remain untouched when faced with the powerful works from Cold Fusion.