Super Flu – Selee

Earlier this summer Monaberry misters Super Flu sailed into the summer with their stately ‘Ark’. Big and groovy enough to contain 200 of every animal, they eventually crashed it after a summer of their sweetest technoid soirees. Now safely back on dry land, the duo lure us back into the clubland winter months with two more provocative slices of dancefloor theatre.

‘Selee’ sets the scene with strong mystic twinges and twangs and a dynamic arrangement that peaks and troughs on its own momentum. Cathedral like in height and scope, rain forest like in its density and intensity, if this doesn’t grab your dancefloor by the short and curlies, you’re playing to the wrong crowd.

Speaking of wrongs; ‘Bongbeat’ is here to abstain you from any you feel you might have committed this summer. A strident piece of stompcraft laced with fluent acid sinews and a raw gutsy call to arms preach, if you don’t feel cleansed after dropping this warehouse shattering jam then you need to consult a physician.

Stone cold Super Flu remedies at their finest. Let the darker months commence!