Crimsen is back on Claps Records

An almagamation of love for rock and house music has led Crimsen to create “You’re Here Tho”, a track that both keeps you on your toes while knocks you off….

Super Flu – Selee

Earlier this summer Monaberry misters Super Flu sailed into the summer with their stately ‘Ark’. Big and groovy enough to contain 200 of every animal, they eventually crashed it after…

Kassier presents “Deep In Your Love”

Famille Electro Records wants to welcome a host of super talented new artists with heavyweight music from name like Kassier. The spanish duo from Cordoba comes with 2 originals tracks….

Francisco Samuel is back on MK837

We’re starting to come to the close of our 2018 year. We started things out right this year with Francisco Samuel‘s tech house monster “Freak to the Beat / Charlie…

Pax – Catfish

Driven by unrelenting rhythms and solid beats, PAX´s ‘Catfish’ can be pretty deceiving. Simply put, you won’t know what hit you until you start going wild to the deep bass…