The Micronauts – Dirt (Ft. Mohini Geisweiller & Mike Theis)

The Micronauts is the leftfield techno and acid house project of French DJ and producer Christophe Monier. ‘Dirt’ is taken from his new album “Head Control Body Control” is a flawlessly produced and utterly engrossing multi-genre project, drawing influence from his long journey through the electronic music scene and taking cues from both sonic pioneers and current innovators.

Not only bringing together different genres, but also entire musical eras, Head Control Body Control is an ambitious project that for existing fans will without doubt prove worth the ten-year wait. The Micronauts’ distinct palette – made of experimental tones, physical grooves and surgical precision – is immediately evident. The original ethic of techno, creating new sounds and new forms while using the latest accessible technology, is respected, with The Micronauts simultaneously paying homage to the hedonistic and revolutionary utopian atmosphere that permeates warehouse and rave parties.