The T O C H E duo developed a truly unique ambient techno project

Currently living in Toulouse (FR), Baptiste and Quentin met a few years ago during their studies in Chambéry (FR). Now evolving under the name of T O C H E, the duo has developed a truly unique ambient techno project, mixing deep percussive sounds, aerial pads, and mesmerizing acid lines.
Their modern, dark, and melancholic signature style is exemplified in this sublime EP «Prélude Du Désespoir».

Introspective but tailored for big warehouse sound systems, the three original tracks of «Prélude Du Désespoir» are all about shades, contrasts, textures, and emotions. The duo knows how to perfectly create an atmosphere that is both aerial, while at the same time rooting us to the rhythm and melodies.

The icing on the cake, the Parisian duo Mundopal offers a complex, precise, and grandiose remix to « La Bête Intérieure » that will set fire to any gig it is played — you won’t be able to get enough of it!
Last but not least, Valerio Vaudano signs the remix of «Marais Silencieux», a track that will bring you to ecstasy with a soft and effective introduction that builds to a round but deep and sharpened beat!

These are the ultimate summer tracks to enjoy. Whether it is to open or a close a set or to burn the house down for the climax of the night, you will definitely find what you are looking for in «Prélude Du Désespoir».

Save the date and discover these tracks on June 26th from Beatport, and from every other platform on July 10th!

Mastered by Baptiste Toutant
Photograph by Mabik