Twin Complex presents ‘Phantoms’, a 7-minute love letter to nightlife

The Manchester producer Twin Complex’s new single ‘Phantoms’ is a 7-minute love letter to nightlife. Listeners are carried to the dancefloor to move between crescendos and drops, before the track closes with a seductive trip-hop turn that’s surely an afters invite.

‘Phantoms’ opens with a throbbing baseline as full of potential as the start of a great night out. Layered lead synth melodies battle for space in the stereo and frequency field, like friends who want to dance in different rooms, but ultimately synergise together. When they do, the lead melody that’s reminiscent of a classic ’90s club track kicks in and everyone’s united on the dancefloor.

If you like tasty garage grooves paired with melodic synths a-la-Bicep you can’t miss this one!