We had a talk with TheLavish

We had a talk with the German producer TheLavish about his career, his sound, his inspirations, and what’s coming next! Enjoy

1. You’re an experienced artist, producing and playing live since more than 15 years, but “TheLavis” is quite a new project. What led you to start it?
I created music for many projects which are totally club-orientated and I just wanted to see where it leads me when I produce tracks with the idea in mind to go totally comercially or radio-suitable. And next to the results I just had massive fun in studio. Therefore TheLAvish was born and its music.

2. We listened to your recent productions, they all have great (and a little melancholic) melodies, where do you take inspiration from when composing a new song?
First of all thanks for your precious time listening to it. Inspiration is everywhere, in nature, in mind, in music. Even classic music inspires but mainly feelings from the inside. I had big losses this year maybe this gets automatically expressed in my music.

3. Your latest track “Strange” is a nice piece of Future House, and already got over 50k plays on Soundcloud. What’s the story behind this track?
Next to my more popish house tracks and radio tracks I also produce club orientated future house bangers in Don Diablo – Hexagon style (no doubt) just to have a balance in studio when doing music. I am working on 3-4 tracks in the same time to not getting „tired ears“ and stay into fresh mood. Thats when strange came up as I wanted something energetic, twisted, cluby.

4. Tell us about yourself, who’s TheLavish beside the artistic life? What you like to do in your free time?
I am travelling a lot and filming natural landscapes with my drone which can be seen under my filmmaker profile “Thomas Vitali” – having a youtube channel. Beside that I love to do sports and being outside with my dog Feli(cita)

5. What’s your plan for the future? There’s new track we should be waiting for?
I am working on my full length album which should be double CD. 1 CD with deep house and slower house music – the other one with future house banggers to dance and shuffle.