XXTraxx Records presents “Code-238” by Anela

XXTraxx Records is back with a new release by the Belgium-born dj and producer Anela.
She presents “Code-238” with two hard-hitting Techno jams, titled “My Way” and “For Me”.
While “My Way” has a strong progressive touch provided by a powerful lead and a melodic arpeggio, “For Me” is more groove-oriented, with a huge kick, an acid bass and sparkles of synth melodies.
Out on January 8th on XXTraxx Records.

ANELA is a producer and dj born in Belgium. She started her career as a model, but when she discovered Techno, it was love at first sight.
Before becoming a deejay, she started producing her own tracks, and she decided to turn her passion into a job.
Anela has an intense musical background achieved in Amsterdam, and now she is ready to bring her style in to most famous European clubs.